Today in Labor History – November 16th

The Ravensdale Coal Mine The Ravensdale coal mine explosion killed 31 workers in Washington state. The mine was well known for excessive coal dust. – 1916 A county judge in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania granted an injunction requested by the Clearfield Bituminous … Read more

Today in Labor History – November 14th

Joe McCarthy The National Women’s Trade Union League was formed in Boston. It was organized as a coalition of working-class women, professional reformers, and women from wealthy and prominent families. Its purpose was to “assist in the organization of women wage … Read more

Today in Labor History – November 13th

Karen Silkwood Over 20,000 workers participated in the funeral march for the Haymarket anarchists framed for throwing the Haymarket bomb. – 1887 As a result of the disaster, Illinois established stricter safety regulations and in 1911, the basis for the … Read more

Today in Labor History – November 7th

Joe Hill wrote a song about “Mr. Block”, who was a boss-loving, American Dream-believing, self-sabotaging knucklehead. Some call Riebe the first underground comic book artist. – 1912 Some 1,300 building trades workers in eastern Massachusetts participated in a general strike on … Read more