Today in Labor History July 21st

30,000 Chicago workers rallied on Market Street during the Great Upheaval, a wave of strikes occurring throughout the country. Future anarchist and Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons spoke to the crowd, advocating the use of the ballot to obtain “state control … Read more

Today in Labor History July 20th

In the midst of the Great Strike, Maryland state militia fired on striking railroad workers in Baltimore, killing 50. – 1877 New York City newsboys, many so poor that they were sleeping in the streets, began a two-week strike. Several … Read more

Today in Labor History July 19th

The Women’s Rights Convention opened in Seneca Falls, New York.  Delegates adopted a Declaration of Women’s Rights and called for women’s suffrage. – 1848 In the midst of the Great Strike of 1877, Pittsburgh workers drove soldiers out of town. … Read more

Today in Labor History July 18th

The Brotherhood of Telegraphers began an unsuccessful three-week strike against the Western Union Telegraph Company. – 1883 35,000 Chicago stockyard workers went on strike. – 1919 African-American hospital workers won a113-day union recognition strike in Charleston, South Carolina. – 1969 … Read more

Today in Labor History July 17th

Today marked the beginning of Seattle’s Potlatch Riots in which soldiers and sailors brawled with members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) during Seattle’s Potlatch Festival. Alden Blethen, publisher of the “Seattle Times,” who hated free speech and feared “radical elements,” had … Read more

Today in Labor History July 16th

Carlo Tresca and other Industrial Workers of the World ( IWW) strike leaders were arrested on charges of inciting the murder of a deputy. This was during a strike of 30,000 iron-ore mine workers of the Mesabi range in northern Minnesota. – … Read more

Today in Labor History July 15th

50,000 lumberjacks strike for an eight-hour day. – 1917 Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, and other radicals were indicted under the new Espionage Act for their anti-draft activities. Goldman and Berkman got two-year prison sentences and $10,000 fines. – 1917 After … Read more

Today in Labor History July 14th

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877, sometimes referred to as “The Great Upheaval” began today in Martinsburg, West Virginia, after the B&O Railroad cut wages were the third time in a year. Riots spread through 17 states. An estimated 100 … Read more

Today in Labor History July 13th

Martial law was declared in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, with National Guards and federal troops coming to “restore order” after the dynamiting at the Frisco mine on July 11. – 1892 600 Pressed Steel Car employees went out on strike, supported … Read more

Today in Labor History July 12th

Members of the shoemakers’ union went on trial in New York City for striking to win a raise. They were fined $1 each. – 1810 Oscar W. Neebe, founder of the Beer Wagon Drivers Union (later the Teamsters Union) was … Read more