It’s About Family

As the IAM Southern Territory loses Larry Young to the Midwest, a ‘new’ Larry takes his place.  As of May 1, 2017, Larry Battle will be the new Directing Business Representative for District #74. “This district is a unique area … Read more

Supporting Astronaut Life on Earth

The following post, which highlights IAM District 37 members, originally appeared on NASA’s website . It is reposted here with NASA’s permission. As the home of human space exploration, many people at NASA’s Johnson Space Center work to ensure astronauts … Read more

What Exactly Is a Union Rep?

IAM District 75 Assistant Directing Business Representative Henry “Pappy” Perrigan recently decided to answer some of the many questions he gets about what type of job he has as a union rep. He posted his note on Facebook and we … Read more

Organizing As A Team

Although you may see an “I” in the word Organize, the sentiment doesn’t match when the IAM is on the job. That’s especially true in the Southern Territory where, at times, organizing can be considered a team sport, with everyone … Read more

Organizing Those We Honor

For the IAM’s Southern Territory, the count is now at 380 union men and women at Eglin Air Force Base in Northwest Florida. A unit that consists of both civilian and non-civilian workers all supporting our Great Military. “There is … Read more