A Troubling Pick for the Supreme Court

The White House, with its nomination of D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court, has chosen a man with a history of ruling against working people and their unions. “In terms … Read more

Supreme Corp.

A day after the White House nominated Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court justice, the Machinists Union’s legal team is sharing their concerns after reviewing Kavanaugh’s disturbing judicial record.   The post Supreme Corp. appeared first on IAMAW … Read more

Taking Care of the Machinists at Boeing

In 1936, the IAMAW signed its first contract with Boeing in Seattle. Little did anyone know this relationship would last for nearly a century. “The Machinists Union and Boeing have become synonymous with a defining product that has changed the … Read more

Show Us How You Celebrate Freedom

We know how hard Machinists go on the 4th of July. BBQ and fireworks? Check. Water balloon fights and parades? Of course. So let’s see it! Post your July 4th selfies in the comments of our Facebook post or on … Read more