IAM Exposes MBTA Cronyism

Watch IAMAW Special Representative Craig Hughes name names during a hearing of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Fiscal and Management Control Board hearing on September 18, 2017 in Boston, after Local Lodge 264 rallied outside to stop privatization. For more … Read more

unioNation’s 2nd CD Is Coming

unioNation’s second CD is named “Wake Up, Rise Up, Stand Strong.” Original labor music by Machinists Union members in Canada and the United States. Watch this preview video to meet the members of the band and hear some of the music. … Read more

An Ongoing Struggle for Human Rights

In a new video, IAM Director of the Women’s and Human Rights Department Rhonda Rogers talks about the Machinists’ history in the fight for racial integration and gender equality. The post An Ongoing Struggle for Human Rights appeared first on … Read more

Fighting Injustice Through Art

Richard Crowson grew up in a conservative southern family and learned to question authority during the rebellious 1960s. He uses his artistic talent with pen and paper to resist political powers in Kansas and the nation. Watch as he draws … Read more

Senator Warren puts heat on NLRB

Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts is expressing outrage about the recent appointment of an alleged anti-labor lawyer to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).   The post Senator Warren puts heat on NLRB appeared first on IAMAW .

Hollywood Heavyweight Urges Unions to Fight Hard

Actor Danny Glover has maintained a successful career in Hollywood since the late 1970s, including appearances in the blockbuster Lethal Weapon film series. But the bright lights of Tinseltown haven’t dampened his enthusiasm for the middleclass workers and American labor … Read more